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Yearly Plans July 29, 2008

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Has anyone else made a chart planning out the rest of your children’s school years?  Now that we’ve settled into curriculum that we like and enjoy, I was able to see what each child (tentatively) will be doing each year for science, history, and math.

A few points of interest:

Leah, the baby, will be graduating high school in 2026.  Yes.  2026.  Yowzers.

I will be doing Omnibus with one child or two…for 12 years.  TWELVE YEARS of Omnibus.  I really hope I come out of that much smarter than I am now!

For those that don’t know what Omnibus is, here is a link:

That is if we only use it through 9th grade with Leah.  I don’t know what the future plans of Veritas are at this point.  So it could be 15 years.

By 2026 I will have homeschooled for 25 years.  I will be ready for retirement.  🙂

I should have set up a pension plan when I started!  What was I thinking??

Oh and one more thing.  This year we did decide to combine children for history.  This means that instead of teaching Old Testament/Ancient Egypt 5 times, I will only be teaching it 3 times.  Same goes with the next 3 levels of Veritas.  But 1815-Present…only twice!  Just works out that way with the little ones.

Does anyone else justify the cost of something by saying you’ll use it for the next X amount of children also.  “This instructor’s guide isn’t really $100…it’s only $20 per child!”  LOL  Do you think I can still justify my history purchases even when it’s only by 3 times instead of 5??  🙂


One Response to “Yearly Plans”

  1. Sharon Says:

    We are in the process of doing the same thing here! I, however, had not figured out the year Sarah would be finished. Wow. I need a nap, lol.

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