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I forgot my camera! July 27, 2008

Filed under: Random — Melissa @ 11:25 am

Yesterday morning we made the 156 mile trek down to my parents. My great-aunt Dot died a few months ago and she was being interred in the area. All the family then got together at my parent’s clubhouse for lunch. I got to see some cousins that I haven’t seen in YEARS! It is always wonderful to visit with that side of that family and to get updates and to see all the children.

I forgot my camera though! I wish I had taken a bunch of pictures to remember the day. One young cousin kept coming to tell me that “Did I know that my boys were HER COUSINS???” šŸ™‚ She was so excited. New-found cousins! It’s always a wonderful thing.

My Aunt Dot had 8 children and I heard a few comments yesterday about me trying to catch up to her. LOL If only I could be as wonderful as she! She adored all of us and we all adored her. There were a bunch of pictures set out and I loved looking at them and seeing her life through the years. I especially loved all the ones of her with some of her granddaughters on their wedding days.

She is enjoying life in Heaven now and I praise God for her faithfulness to Him and His to her. I love you, Aunt Dot!


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