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Books, Books, and More Books July 21, 2008

Filed under: Homeschooling — Melissa @ 10:48 pm

I’m planning out our curriculum choices for the upcoming year. We use a history program called Veritas Press.  It includes reading lots of living books.  I have over 100 books on my list to check out.  We won’t read that many…well, maybe.  Between the 2 readers I guess it will be that many. This is just for history. They read more than a book a week.  Anyway, I’ve been checking the library database to see which ones they have.  Not as many as I had hoped.  But that’s okay. I like to buy books too!

I know have my list of what the library stocks.  For the books I’m not sure of, I’ve placed a hold and I will read them first. Then I’ll decide whether they go on my list for history.  This evening I’ve been reading the description of each of the other books (not found at the library) and deciding whether I want to check it out further.  If so, I’ll ask on the Veritas yahoo group what others think of them.  I’ll read reviews online.  And eventually I will have a plan for each week as to which book we’ll be reading for that week in history.

We’re studying the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and the Reformation.  I’m looking forward to it too!


2 Responses to “Books, Books, and More Books”

  1. Tawna Says:

    Oh I love books. I can’t wait to open up our books this week and next when we get them in the mail. It’s going to be GRRRRRRRRREAT! 😀 Mmm, I can smell ’em now…

  2. Oh ME TOO!! We are doing Rome to Reformation from My Father’s World. I can’t wait to build a castle. LOL

    Lucky Tawna… getting her books already.

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