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Math Tantrums July 17, 2008

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Samantha does not like math.  She has made this abundantly clear to me! When we first started homeschooling she was only 3.  Over the next  couple years I went back and forth on deciding what math program to use with her.  We used one program with Kayla for a year and didn’t like it and so we switched and settled into something.  I was really turned onto Singapore Math by reviews I had read and so I bought the first books for kindergarten with Samantha.  We hated them!!!

Then I decided to go with the big name, Saxon Math.  I heard it everywhere.  It seemed that at least 50% of the homeschoolers I knew used Saxon.  The others used such a variety of programs that my mind was a whirl of confusion!  One thing that I liked about Saxon were the long term results.  Saxon was a proven program. It’s been around for a long time.  So I bought it for 1st grade and we’ve used it ever since.  Samantha is finishing up level 5/4 and will start 6/5 soon.

We had a long break from school over our moving months.  We would have done math in the one month we were sitting around here but I couldn’t find the school box!  I think the kids were rejoicing.  LOL  They had books…what more could you ask for?

I found the math.  We have dived back in.  Day one Samantha sits at the table for, I am not kidding you, 4 hours!!!  Fusses and whines.  I was giving her a little was the first day being back to school.  That night I told her, “When you get up in the morning, you will finish this lesson. You will not leave your room until you are done.  And from now on you will do 2 lessons per day before you have any free time.”   Wowzers.  Serious Mom.

She did it.  And guess what?  She has completed 2 lessons per day in record time!!  Even tonight she asked me if she could work for 10 or 15 minutes on tomorrow’s lesson so she could get a head start!  OF COURSE!! I’m so proud of her for making a quick attitude adjustment.  She even said she enjoyed today’s lesson…a little bit.  LOL

Matthew started Saxon 1 this past year and will be moving onto book 2 soon also.  The one thing I didn’t realize with Saxon is that Saxon 1 does not have to be done in the 1st grade.  When we first started homeschooling I was so set on doing everything for the right grade.  If the book said 1st grade it was to be done in the 1st grade.  I’m over that now.  Now I pick and choose what I know will be right for my child.

Alex is turning 4 next month and he’s starting Saxon 1 in September (both Matt and Sam were 6).  He’s ready. He knows his numbers and simple addition.  He’s going to do great in it!  And the nice part is that if he does start to struggle with something, we can slow down and take it at his pace, and ensure that he excels with the program.

I love homeschooling!


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