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Having a Child who Drives July 11, 2008

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I knew I would love it.  I knew it.  But I don’t think I realized the vast amount of pleasure and happiness having a driving child would bring to my life!

Right at this moment Kayla is at the library with Samantha and Matthew for the summer reading program.  Two weeks ago I took all the kids and it was HARD!  The base library is small and the reading program took up all the kids area. So I was sitting in this alcove with the 3 little ones reading books to them and trying to keep them quiet for 90 minutes.

Last night I decided that today I would drop off the 3 olders instead and come home (less than 2 miles) and then pick them up later.  We don’t have a third car and because of insurance costs are not planning on doing so.  And Kayla can’t drive my van’s just too big.  I mean, I cried for 2 weeks every time I drove it when we first got it, so we’re not subjecting her to it until she has a little more experience.  LOL  So she has to drive Roy’s car.  But he uses it for work.

Anyway, Roy came home after working out to shower, and I had Kayla take him back to work – no complaints from her – and then we have the use of the vehicle. Kayla was thrilled!  She just wants to drive anywhere, anytime, it does not matter to her.  When I told her that I’d like her to take Sam and Matt to the library, the delight on her face was just priceless!

I wonder what other errands I could get her to do for me today….hmm….  🙂


4 Responses to “Having a Child who Drives”

  1. Mary Says:

    how great!! Lets play mafia tonight!

  2. Rosie Says:

    That sounds fabulous. What a great way to bless each other.

  3. Aunt Patty Says:

    Having another driver is the best! And teenagers love to run errands because then they get to drive! When Alana went away to college, everyone asked if I missed her. I said, of course, but I really miss her driver’s license!

  4. Alison Says:

    We were all in Kayla’s shoes, my mom sent us on all of the crazy errands like going to get milk or picking up the younger sibling…we never cared because we got to drive!

    I guess now you can’t really send her out just to pick up one thing with price of gas but she is there if you need her to! 🙂

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