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Move Synopsis July 7, 2008

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Roy received orders at the beginning of January to depart Quantico, VA and check in at Twentynine Palms MCAGCC, CA by May 15.

Put the house on the market…didn’t sell…didn’t sell…decided that the kids and I would move anyway.

We left Virginia on May 5.

VA House

Due to a nursing baby and a tired mom, we took 7 days to drive the 2500 miles. Arrived in Twentynine Palms on May 11.

Moving Truck

Second moving

The next day we found out it would be about a month to get base housing and decided that living in a hotel for that long would really stink! We found a short-term rental and moved into it on May 14.

Temporary House

After living there for a month, we moved into base housing on June 13. We’re almost unpacked all the way. Just little things here and there. I’m hoping to start hanging things up today.

Base House

Roy started work on May 15 and has been really busy with learning a new job. He got promoted just before we left Virginia, so it’s not only a new job…but a new rank and learning all that comes with that also.

We are having a Meet and Greet at our house tomorrow for the Staff NCO’s and Officers from his work. I’m a little nervous about meeting the other families AND I want our house to be presentable! I really like our base house. The kitchen is so big – definitely the biggest kitchen I’ve ever had. Plus, the kids like the extra room to play.

We’re all settling in..the little kids seem to have figured out this new norm. We’ve found a church and plenty of activities to keep us busy. I’ll share more in future posts!


2 Responses to “Move Synopsis”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Hi! So thrilled to see you blogging!!!

  2. Lisa Says:

    Glad to see your new blog! Hope you have a great summer in your new home. 🙂

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